Hiring the Wrong Person Will Cost Your Organization Time and Money

Hiring Managers Have Limited Experience in the Hiring Process


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What is the Typical Process?

Postings To Job Boards

You’ve posted the job to your website and other job boards, and you are bombarded with hundreds of non-qualified applicants.

Using ZipRecruiter or Indeed

You’ve spent time uploading all your requirements, and again you are bombarded by non-qualified applicants.


Employees or business contacts trying to help friends get a job, may have no idea about their friends’ qualifications. You need to be respectful of your co-workers, but this can be more wasted time and not to mention uncomfortable.

What are some Hiring Issues?

  • Finding the right candidate is a complicated process.
  • Your time is too valuable to be sorting through resumes.
  • Hiring is a distraction from managing your work.
  • A resume alone does not truly reflect a person’s abilities or lack of abilities.

You need to find the candidate that adds value to the organization.

Stop Wasting Your Organization’s


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