Are You Overloaded Trying to Do Your Regular Work and Then Trying To Find People for Your Open Positions?




Bombarded by Resumes

With today’s job search automations, candidates can apply rapidly to jobs for which they are not qualified. You end up with 100’s of inappropriate resumes in your inbox.

You need an efficient way to sort through the many resumes and the right people to move candidates through the pipeline.

Not Sure Exactly the Type of Candidate You Need

It isn’t easy to know what kind of candidate you need. In at least half of our searches, we have found that the desired candidate qualifications change during the hiring process.

Throughout the process, we will spend time with you evaluating and then re-evaluating who is the ideal candidate .

Deciding Who To Interview

Deciding who to interview, is even more difficult than sorting through all the resumes and choosing qualified candidates.

Our goal is to present you with only about 5                  exceptionally qualified candidates that you will be extremely pleased with, will want to interview, and will want to hire at least one.

Reading Resumes is Not the Best Use of Time

It takes an experienced recruiter that can quickly pick out the great candidates.

The Benefit We Can Provide

No Wasted Time Reading Resumes

You don’t waste time evaluating resumes that are not appropriate.

Help in Determining What is the Right Person

We  will analyze your needs from all aspects to make sure we understand who/what you need.

Streamlining the Process For You

Your time is valuable. We will quickly present you with 5 great candidates and one of them will be your hire.

Your Time is Too Valuable


We will take the weight of the process off your back, do the hard work for you and find you the right candidate.


Over 20 years of experience, over 1,000 candidates placed, over 250 happy clients.



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