Resumes Are Just the First Step


Resumes do not paint the full picture of a candidate’s abilities, knowledge, experience, attitude, and work ethic.


Resume Facts

Resumes, Truth or Fiction

Unfortunately, not all resumes paint a fair picture.  Information provided on resumes often have embellishments, omissions and inaccurate facts.

Sorting out the real truth requires  years of experience reading resumes.

A Candidate is More Than Words on a Resume

A person is more than what is written down on a piece of paper. It’s easy to list a set of skills on a resume.  But how does that candidate use those skills, both in their work and in their work with others in the company? Resumes cannot establish a candidate’s personality as it relates to their work.

Learning to Read Resumes Takes Years of Experience

It takes years of reading resumes to gain the experience and ability to  read between the lines. 

Do resumes really reflect what the candidate is all about?

Interlink has the experience and track record  to find the right candidate.

Why Interlink Recruiting?


Over 2,500 candidates placed

Over 20 years experience,  with over 2,500 candidates placed, and 250 happy clients.

Incredibly low fall out rate

We have an in incredibly low fall out rate because we spend the time with our clients and our candidates to make sure they are the right fit.

We learn your organization's culture

We learn about the company. we get to know all the team members in order to understand the culture of the organization. Culture is a very large component of the right fit.

Recruiting all disciplines in a company

We have recruited all the different roles in an organization.

 The Secret to Finding the Right Candidate


Work with Hiring Manager

The most important aspect of finding the right candidate is to take the time to understand what is needed in a candidate. Often, We find that what our client thinks they are looking for is not what they really need. We work with our clients to flush out and fine-tune what the job is and the type of person they need.


Defining the Skill Set

Working with the manager, we flush out the skills, the priorities of the set and the level of experience needed.


Analyzing the Candidates skill set

In the initial interview process, we drill down on what the candidate’s skill set is to make sure they are 100%  qualified for the position.


Evaluating style and personality

Working for a company is like being married. It’s a partnership that has good and bad days. We look for candidates that will mesh and work well with their peers.



Drive to Succeed

Our candidates need to exhibit the drive to succeed. Too many candidates just want a 9 – 5 job. We want candidates that are striving for success and who want to grow themselves and their companies


I Could Use Some Help Finding the Right Candidates