Is Your Talent Department Not Finding the Right Candidates For Your Open Positions?


Finding the right people is an art and takes years of experience.


Alysa has that experience and can mentor, lead and drive her team to successful hires!


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Bombarded by Resumes




With today’s job search automations, candidates can apply rapidly to jobs for which they are not qualified. Your Talent Department ends up with 100’s of inappropriate resumes in their inboxes.

Department Heads Are Not Always Sure Exactly the Type of Candidate They Need

It isn’t easy to know what kind of candidate you need. In at least half of our searches, we have found that the desired candidate qualifications change during the hiring process.

Throughout the recruiting process, it is vital to spend time with hiring managers evaluating and then re-evaluating who is their ideal candidate. 

Can't Decide Who to Interview

Deciding who to interview, is even more difficult than sorting through all the resumes and choosing qualified candidates.

Interviews can take up hiring managers valuable time.

The  goal should be to present hiring managers with a maximum of 5 exceptionally qualified candidates that they will be extremely pleased with, will want to interview, and will want to hire at least one.

Reading Resumes is a Skill 

It takes talent to read between the lines and separate out the great candidate from the mediocre one.

What People Have Said About Alysa

Jeff Skoll, Co-Founder – eBay

In 1997, when eBay was a small startup in San Jose, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Alysa Binder and Interlink Recruiting.

Alysa quickly grasped the eBay vision, and through her network of talented people in the Valley, was able to provide us with stellar candidates.

Partnering with Interlink Recruiting was an integral part of our success. At the time of our IPO, approximately one third of our team were people recommended by Alysa. Her ability to share the vision, and find the right talent was a real contribution to eBay’s success.

Many ingredients go into making a startup successful. Finding the right people is one of the most important. eBay’s success is a testament to Interlink Recruiting’s ability to find those people.

John Kremer – VP of Business Development, Adobe

When the time came for me to build a top-notch marketing department for, I asked a few business associates for some recruiter referrals. Alysa Binder and her company Interlink Recruiting came up as someone I needed to meet. From our first meeting, I knew I could rely on her to help build that team.

She understood the special type of people I needed, the type of personalities needed to fit our corporate culture, and was able to quickly provide me a pool of terrific applicants, so much so, that I had a hard time choosing between them. They were all impressive.

Our relationship grew daily, we were able to build a great team together, and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such a true professional.